Why Startups in India fail?

There has been a massive increase in number of business start-ups in India in the last decade. But did you know that 97.8% of them failed during their first year?

Another 1.3% shut the doors in their second year.

why startups fail in india

Why do many dreams shattered even before reaching the infancy stage?

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According to a recent survey conducted in 2018, one of the prime reasons for the failure of these start-ups and new businesses was inability to spread the word to their potential clients.

If you can't be seen, you don't exist.

The population in India has been growing manifolds and the companies really need to think out of the box to ensure that they are able to make this ever growing number of people aware about their product.

How to spread the Word?

With the IT bubble exploding and the internet becoming literally free recently, the whole world seems to be hooked up to their Smart Phones. Isn’t it?

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What do you see when you travel in a Metro or Airplane? The most common sight you would come across is the people constantly looking at their phones, tablets or laptops and not knowing what’s happening on the next sear of theirs.

“The green dot is no longer Vegetarian Symbol, it means you are Connected too”

If you are not online, you don’t exist!

This may sound harsh, but it is true. If you do not have an online presence these days you are losing a gigantic number of your potential customers who would not even know if you exist.


How we can Help

We have introduced a special package for the start-ups and existing business owners to help them get an Online Presence at lowest prices.


A lot of companies claim their costs to be lowest but do they ever think from your perspective to make things happen? Or do they just try to sell their stuff without understanding what your business actually requires to get a head start.

Why we are different

We don’t claim that we are different but we leave it on you to make the judgement. We strive with our morals and give you a complete set of products to get your business online while you can focus more on leads and their conversion.

  • Sit and have a chat about the business to understand the depth and requirements.
  • Design a plan to get it online with all possible options.
  • Understand the target audience and improvise accordingly.
  • Constant engagement to ensure that your thoughts are put to realty with minimal effort.
  • Allow you tons of time to focus on your business while we work on your framework.

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What is Included

  1. Website: A friendly website which is compatible across all devices to have a smooth customer experience.
  2. Server Hosting: Your website would have 99.9% uptime so your Online Status is always Green.
  3. Content: We would take care of the content for your website – just provide us with the basic content and we would take care of the rest of it.
  4. Social Media: All the social media accounts would be setup for you, ready to rock the audience. These include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  5. Business Email: This is awesome – yourname@yourbusiness.com. You start looking at yourself as a businessman already.
  6. Banners: All the banners to be put on the website and social media accounts would be created for you. These would be flying around the internet superhighways to reach your customers.
  7. Images: The images which you provide would be optimized to be used on the website and social media accounts. This ensures that they load quickly across all platforms with almost no waiting time. After all, who wants to wait for a page to load?
  8. Analytics: This is very important. You need to be aware of how many visitors did you receive on your website along with the sources of traffic.

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